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Free consultation & ballpark price

Free consultations

  • We offer a free initial consultation by phone or online meeting (usually 20-30 mins)
  • Depending on the nature and size of your project as well as your location we also off a free on-site consultation (sorry not available as of April 2020 due to COVID19)
  • This allows us to get an understanding of what you are looking to do and discuss some of the options that are available
  • It also allows us to suggest things based on our experience which have worked well for similar clients or which you may not be aware are possible
  • If you have an existing database, spreadsheets or other systems/paperwork we can have an initial look at these as well
  • This is normally sufficient for us to be able to give you a range of options and a ball-park cost
  • If you requirements or existing systems are particularly complex or need further investigation we may suggest a small up-front "discovery project" which is chargeable but gives us both a clearer picture in terms of the requirements and allows us to produce a sensible proposal in terms of time and cost

Ballpark price

  • With 20+ years experience and over 800 clients of all sizes in many different industries, we can give you a realistic ball-park cost quickly
  • If you decide to move forward with the project we will work with you to refine the requirements and give you a formal estimate or quote
Upgrading Microsoft Access Databases

Migrations & Upgrades

  • Upgrade from an old version of Access
  • Migrate your data from Excel to Access
  • Move to MS Access from a legacy database such as Approach or Foxpro
  • Upgrade your Access database to take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server and Azure
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Creating Bespoke Microsoft Access Databases

Bespoke Access Databases

  • Database solutions built to requirements of your business to give you a competitive advantage and operational efficiencies
  • Integrations with other office systems, mobile and tablet solutions
  • Flexible solutions that grow with your business
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Support for Upgrading Microsoft Access Databases

Access Database Support

  • Fixing problems with your current Access database
  • Assisting when your previous developer is no longer able to help
  • Making changes and adding new functionality
  • Troubleshoot problems and database health-checks
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