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Mobile Access for Microsoft Access Database Systems

Has your company invested time and money in developing a database that works for your business? Do you have mobile or remote workers who, with access to it, could make your business more productive? Looking for a quick and cost-effective ...
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Mobile Access Database Solutions.

Access Database Postcode Lookup

Speed up data entry and reduce the chances of mistakes by adding postcode and address lookup facilities to your Access database. Integrating an online address lookup facility means you always have access to the latest ...
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KB3085515 breaks MS Access 2010 reference

A Microsoft  update to MS Office 2010 released on 8th March 2016 (KB3085515) seems to be causing problems with Access 2010 runtime or the full version of Access running accdr, accde or .adp files.  The ...
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Need to upgrade from Access 97?

In the last few months we have been undertaken a number of upgrades from Access 97 for clients in various industries. Its surprising how many Access 97 database are still in daily use running businesses, ...
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Microsoft Access runtime versions

The free Microsoft Access Runtime enables you to distribute Access  applications to users who do not have the full version of Access  installed on their computers. You can find the various version here: Access 2013 ...
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SMS messages from your Access database

Adding a facility to send SMS messages from your Access database is normally quite straightforward. There are a number of SMS gateway providers on the Internet who provide the hooks necessary to integrate with your ...
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Quickly cloud enable your Access database

If you have an existing Access database and need to share the system with remote workers or users in different locations, one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to do this is to ...
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Microsoft Access support end dates

Having had a few enqueries recently as to when Microsoft support for various versions of Access finishes, I have collated the relevant information into one place below. Access version Mainstream Support Ends Extended Support Ends ...
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Data stuck in old MS-DOS system?

If you have an old MS-DOS type database that contains important data we may be able to help you extract the data and automatically transfer it to a modern and easy to use Access database. ...
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Microsoft issue security patch for Access 2010 and 2007

Microsoft have released a security patch for Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010 which resolves a privately reported vulnerability in Microsoft Access. The problem relates to maliciously crafted files which if opened could give an attacked ...
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Integrating MapPoint with Access

Microsoft Access can easily be used to automate MapPoint. Pretty much anything that you can do in MapPoint you can do via automation from within Access. This avoids the need to export and import data ...
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"Really pleased with the database, it has already made life easier, and the benefits will continue, I am sure"

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