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Bespoke Access Databases

Are you struggling to find the ideal database?

We develop bespoke database solutions where an off-the-shelf package is not available, or not suitable because you want something specific to the way you do business.

We work closely with you to find out your exact requirements and to ensure that the system we build works exactly how you need it to.

From simple contact management databases to more complex scheduling and estimating tools, our 20+ years experience covers a wide range of different systems and clients in different industries.

Being Microsoft Access Database, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office specialists means our solutions are built around industry-standard software that you and your team will already be familiar with and are easy to use. We use Microsoft Access because it allows us to build powerful solutions quickly and cost effectively.

Having your own bespoke database offers your company a host of benefits. Streamlining your company’s data, assisting time management and improving your customer service are just a few.

The database can grow and adapt as your business changes, giving you an on-going edge over your competitors and making your more efficient.

Building a database from scratch

If you have an idea for a database give us a call to see how we can help you refine your ideas and requirements.

There is a good chance that we have developed something similar in the past and can help by outlining the options available and giving you ideas as to what is possible.

Once you have a clearer idea as to what you need we can discuss ball park costs and timescales.

Its rare for us to work from a formal fixed written specification and we are used to working collaboratively with our clients, adapting systems and specifications to ensure that the solution meets our clients needs as closely as possible.

Working from an existing database

If you already have a bespoke Access database in place we are usually able to take on the on-going support and development.

We are use to working with very complex and large databases which have been developed by others and where the original developer is no longer available.

Wherever possible we will work with the solution that you already have. In the rare cases that is it not economic or practical to work with an existing solution we will advise you of the options available.


Typically bespoke systems include:

  • Comprehensive client or contact database
  • Sales opportunity, quotation, project and job tracking
  • Automated document generation including production of PDFs and automated email facilities (also SMS)
  • Diary and date management
  • Comprehensive bespoke workflows for specific job types that are fully customisable as the needs of the business change
  • Reporting, dashboards and data consolidation
  • Integration with mobiles, tablets and websites

We can build databases that help your business with:

  • Order, invoicing and PO management
  • Customer and contact management solutions
  • Sales, prospect tracking and pipeline management
  • Diary and schedule management
  • Management and customer reporting
  • Cloud/Internet solutions
  • Document generation and automation
  • Integration with other systems
  • People and process management
  • Project management and tracking
  • Developing databases for commercial sale

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