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People & Process Management

Automating your business processes is often the key to running an efficient operation and gaining completive advantage.

Our aim is to understand your business processes and work with your to develop a custom database solution to meet your exact requirements.

Our solutions are designed to be intuitive for users, robust, flexible, scalable and technically elegant.

We can automate complete process or the parts of a process which are most inefficient.

Examples of recent process automation projects we have worked on:

Cross selling opportunities – lead management

For a large insurance company we recently developed a custom database solution to record, track and manage leads generated from cross selling opportunities.

Prior to the database system being deployed, call centre staff would manually record cross selling opportunities in spreadsheets. Leads were often simply not generated due to a reluctance to complete the cumbersome spreadsheets, and leads which were generated were often not recorded.

All of these spreadsheets then had to be manually collated so that reports should be generated in order to further progress the leads. The fact that many of the spreadsheets used different layouts and were split across different lead types and calendar years made the whole process very time consuming and prone to error.

The custom database developed to replace the spreadsheet system was designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible in order to encourage call centre staff to enter and complete the information.

Purpose built input screens record the required information in the most logical order for the user and contain postcode based lookups to avoid the users having to to cross reference other sources of information in order to enter the details.

Emails are then generated automatically from the new lead information so that the people within the organisation that need to progress the lead are informed as quickly as possible. Where appointments are required the system will automatically display the relevant consultants calendar so that these can be booked in seamlessly.

Management reports provid detailed and up-to the minute information for managers in terms of how the leads are being generated and how they are being progressed.

Law firms and legal service providers

We have worked with a number of law firms and legal service providers to develop custom case management and work solutions to automate key legal processes.

Such automation is crucial to the viability of many such services given the increasing commoditisation of legal work.

By incorporating knowledge of legal experts into these system it is possible to automate many stages of the process and to partially automated those where manual input is still required.

Such automation may include document generation, diary management, task allocation and management reporting.

Scheduling for food manufacturer

For a food manufacture we developed a simply but highly effective production line scheduling database which enables production staff to better plan their production schedule and more easily make changes and distribute production schedules to factory staff. This replaced a spreadsheet and paper based system which was proving too time consuming to maintain and was leading to business inefficiency.

"Really pleased with the database, it has already made life easier, and the benefits will continue, I am sure"

Lisa Campbell
London Investor Shows