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Developing Databases for Commercial Sale

If you have a database or an idea for a database which you think will sell commercially then we can you turn it into a product.

We can provide advice as to what needs to be done to bring the product up to the necessary standards and we can also undertake the development work.

Developing a database that you are then going to sell as a product can be quite demanding.

You must ensure that not only does it have the functionality required by the market you are selling into, but the application must be extremely robust and must have a clean, simple and intuitive interface. If you do not address these issues than you are likely to have a user base which requires a high level of day-to-day support.

Issues such as licencing and distribution also need to be taken into account.

We have worked closely with a number of clients to develop database applications which they now sell commercially.

Please be aware that developing an application for sale as a product is more time consuming than developing something for use within a single organsiation. Therefore the levels of commitment and investment required are higher as well.

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