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Cloud/Internet solutions

Get your MS Access database on the Internet

Do you want to keep the Access front end that your users are familiar with but make it accessible to users over the Internet ?

Do you need to support remote/home workers or branch offices

Do you want a highly available and scalable database service with built in high availability and fault tolerance?

If you answer yes to these questions then contact us today to discuss how we can help migrate your Access database to the cloud.

Working with the Microsoft Azure SQL Service we move the data from your Access database onto the Azure SQL Server cloud service and adjust your Access database to connect to the cloud server for its data.

This requires minimal change to your Access database and can be done quickly and cost effectively and most of your users will not notice the difference.

Users continue to run to run their Access application as normal but behind the scenes it communicates with the cloud server to store and retrieve data.

This video from Microsoft explains more about the SQL Azure service:

The Microsoft Azure SQL Cloud offers these key benefits:

    • Highly available – 99.9% during a calendar month

Highly scalable – optimized for applications that to scale up and at a lower cost than traditional scale up architecture

  • Maintenance free – Microsoft keep the server and database software up to date so you do not have to worry about it
  • Paid-as-you-go – via a small monthly fee (currently under £10/month) with a small charge for the amount of data transferred. This is significantly cheaper than investing in a dedicated hosted server or purchasing your own server.

Once your database is running on the cloud your have the potential to start taking advantage of some of the powerful functionality found in SQL Server which is not available in an Access only solution.

Contact us to now to discuss whether your database would be suitable for deployment on the cloud and to get an estimated cost for migration.

If you require a full browser based solution we can help with that to, while preserving your investment in Microsoft Access.

"Really pleased with the database, it has already made life easier, and the benefits will continue, I am sure"

Lisa Campbell
London Investor Shows