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Order, invoice & purchase order management

Reduce the time your staff spend processing orders, invoices and purchase orders with an automated system tailored to the needs of your business.

Eliminate paper work with scanned images and automatically generated PDFs and emails.

Easily view customer order histories, outstanding invoices and your spend with suppliers.

Quickly assess the value of orders and analyse by customer type, customer source, product type and other important factors.

Processing orders, invoices and purchase orders can be quite a tedious, time consuming and paper intensive task.

With a custom database solution build to meet the needs of your business the whole process can be made much easier. We make the software fit the way you work and not the other way round.

A system tuned to the way your staff need to take orders will speed up the order input processing and ensure that information is recorded accurately and compressively.

Order tracking helps ensure that orders are progressed promptly and that deadlines and SLAs are being met.

Notes screens can record all important information including details of contact with the customer and be made available to all your staff you need to work on the order.

Order confirmations, invoices and purchase orders can be generated automatically by the system and printed or attached to emails as PDFs to be sent out automatically.

Linked to your stock control and customer database you then have a powerful integrated solution.

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