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Project Management and Tracking

Project management and tracking using Microsoft Access databases

Databases are excellent for keeping track of key dates, activities that are due to happen, who is due to do a particular task and who has actually done what.

Being MS Access and MS SQL experts which can design a system to track projects and processes specifically for your business.

Management and exception reports, along with emails and other forms of alert can be used to bring problems to your attention quickly.

Resources can be better managed by understanding where the capacity or lack of capacity actually is in your business any any point in time.

Managing the progress and success of projects can be difficult without using some form of software to keep track of the information. A database like Microsoft Access is a great way to save your progress, create tasks, and more in order to keep track of everything.

There are many benefits for using project management and tracking systems:

  • Keep your projects organised so that you don’t forget about anything important
  • Stay on top of deadlines at the same time.
  • Collaborate with your team members
  • Assign tasks and keeping everyone updated on what needs to be done next

And with a system based on Microsoft Access you can integrate your existing MS Office applications easily and with the needs and demands of your business.

Examples of recent project management and tracking systems

Project tracking for pharmaceutical company

A large pharmaceutical company, required a simple to use project tracking system to enable them to monitor the progress of projects across a number of areas of the business.

The system was required to provide a high level overview of the status and progress of projects rather than being a detailed task management or project management system.

We were able to develop a simple, clear and easy to use dashboard based system which used colour coding and charts to provide a quick overview of the project portfolio.

In additional to tracking the status of projects the system was also able to track the people involved with the project and a list of outstanding actions.

The system was later expanded to track and manage project expenditure against budget.

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