Sales, Prospect and Pipeline Management Systems using MS Access

Sales, Prospect and Pipeline Management System

Track information in a sales, prospect and pipeline management system using Microsoft Access

With a bespoke sales system using Microsoft Access you can track exactly the information you need to know about your prospects. You can also set up prospect and pipeline management in the system too.

You can also analyse and report on this information to give you the information you need to manage your business on a day-to-day basis.

Call logging and outcome analysis can aid in the management and training of your sales staff and in the refinement of your sales processes.

If you have prospect information in spreadsheets or other formats we can help turn it into an easy to use system which can grow with your business.

With a prospect and pipeline management system it is important to make data entry as easy and painless as possible in order to ensure that information is captured quickly and correctly.

A sales, prospect and pipeline management system in practice

We replaced cumbersome linked Excel spreadsheets with a user-friendly Access database system. This encourages the logging of cross selling opportunities and ensures that the opportunities are properly recorded and passed on to the right people for further action.

Streamlining the sales process

With a bespoke Access database solution we can work with you to design input screens specifically designed around your sales processes and the information that you need to track.

By making these screens as intuitive and simple to use as possible we minimise the need to training while maximise the change the the information you need will be captured and entered correctly.

Management reports and dashboards can be designed to help you analyse and manage the sales process and to identify problems and areas for improvement as quickly as possible.

You will be able to easily analyse the relative performance of your sales staff, compare leads and conversion by type of organisation, location, source or a range of other factors.

Information captured in this way can then be passed to other systems or other areas of the Access database in order to undertake order process and other tasks.

Being Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server database specialists means that we can deliver powerful solutions quickly and cost effectively which integrate with your familiar MS Office applications.

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