Wesleyan - The Access Man


We replaced cumbersome linked Excel spreadsheets with a user-friendly Access system. This encourages the logging of cross selling opportunities and ensures that the opportunities are properly recorded and passed on to the right people for further action.


Wesleyan Assurance Society is a financial series company that provides advice and products to select professional groups – notably, doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers. It is regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The company had developed a spreadsheet-based tool for one of their key business teams to use when trying to cross sell opportunities into other areas of business but this needed upgrading.

The Challenge

Over time the spreadsheet had become cumbersome with multiple linked spreadsheets running off it with no duplicate checking or effective data validation. This lead to poor quality data. The nature of the spreadsheets meant that it was difficult to produce accurate and timely management information or to circulate the correct information to the other areas of the business necessary for cross selling.

The Solution

Extensive use was made of postcode and industry-related information to ensure that new opportunities now reach the relevant people within the organisations contacted. In addition, automatically generated emails can be sent and appointments made in users’ calendars in order to ensure that users are aware of new opportunities as they are generated.


All sales staff are now able to record cross selling opportunities and can obtain the incentives available to them for generating such opportunities. Management is able to monitor the lead generation process and report on progress made.


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