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Data stuck in old MS-DOS system?

If you have an old MS-DOS type database that contains important data we may be able to help you extract the data and automatically transfer it to a modern and easy to use Access database.

Once you have everything in Access you will be able to make changes and improvements as required and easily deploy the system on multiple machines.

We have recently helped a local company who had 20 years of mission critical data in an MS-DOS based database which could only be run on antiquated hardware and shared over a proprietary network. They had been unable to make changes to the design or functionality of the system for many years as it was no longer supported or developed.

Working closely with our client we were able to extract the data form the old system, understand how it had been stored and transfer it to an industry standard Access database. On top of this we built user friendly and intuitive screens to help staff adapt to the new system as quickly as possible.

If you have mission critical data stuck in an old MS-DOS style database contact us to see how we can help.

"Really pleased with the database, it has already made life easier, and the benefits will continue, I am sure"

Lisa Campbell
London Investor Shows