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The benefits of a Microsoft Access database mobile app

Has your company invested time and money in developing a database that works for your business? Do you have mobile or remote workers who, with access to it, could make your business more productive? Looking for a quick and cost-effective solution?

A Microsoft Access database mobile app can help staff working remotely

Hybrid apps give staff working remotely access to the relevant information in the database they need in order to perform their specific tasks.

While databases can contain comprehensive client lists and have the ability to perform numerous functions, most remote workers don’t need full access to an entire business database system.

They might simply need to have a list of events or items to be fulfilled that day.

Mobile workers include

  • Delivery/collection personnel
  • Service/repair engineers
  • Sales staff (who may require information on specific customers and/or jobs)

Why a hybrid MS Access app?

A hybrid app is a way of providing your existing database with remote capability without the need for an expensive overhaul or redevelopment. It adds extra functionality to your database quickly and cost-effectively.

They can be used on any mobile device.

Hybrid apps can enable mobile workers to carry out their jobs with maximum efficiency, increasing productivity while reducing paperwork and the need for data input.

Bespoke Microsoft Access databases

At The Access Man, we build mobile business apps using robust and agile software enabling us to build a bespoke app for your business that is responsive to your business needs.

Hybrid apps help turn smartphones into business productivity tools, solving problems and streamlining business processes.


  • We can build an app quickly and cost effectively
  • No need to redevelop your existing database
  • Business processes are streamlined
  • Reduction in paperwork and margins for error
  • Your workforce is more productive
  • Customer satisfaction is improved

Want to find out more about how a hybrid app can enhance your Microsoft Access database and help your business? Contact us.

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