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Struggling with Excel?

Are management reports too time consuming and difficult to generate from your spreadsheets?

We have successfully managed the migration of many Excel spreadsheets to Microsoft Access based database solutions resulting in significant time savings and making everyone’s lives much easier.

Normally all the data in your spreadsheets can be moved to Access. Once this has been done and the appropriate database screens and reports built then manipulating and sharing your data becomes much easier.

Excel spreadsheets often come into being because an individual or small group of users find it useful to solve a particular problem.  In many cases the problem is solved, the Excel spreadsheet performs its task and is then parked to one side, or the need for it simply goes away,

However, in some cases, often driven by growth or change in the business, the Excel spreadsheet becomes increasingly important. New features are added and more people start to use it. The spreadsheet starts to become relied upon more and more and often becomes missions critical for the business or  the part of the business which uses it.

As Excel spreadsheets grow in size and complexity they become more difficult to manage

Excel spreadsheets will often run into problems where multiple users need to work with the data at the same time or  where complex data based reports are required etc.

In some cases the spreadsheet becomes too unwieldy and the limits of Excel as a data storage and processing mechanism are reached. At this point many users migrate, or should migrate, to a Microsoft Access solution so that the increasing volumes and complexities of data can be managed by the power of the Microsoft Access relational database engine.

We have extensive experience in migrating Excel spreadsheets to Access and in building powerful database solutions to take your business to the next level. We can advise as to the best way forward the the likely cost of moving from Excel to Access.


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