Tonic Cosmetic Surgery

How we upgraded a database to a cloud-based system in order for users in different locations to be able to access it while also adding SMS functionality to remind patients of appointments.


Tonic Cosmetic Surgery is a clinical practice providing private aesthetic plastic surgery. It needed to upgrade its system due to growth in its business and the need for offices in different locations to be able to access its database.


The company had a new overseas office that needed access to its database plus it had staff working at different clinics across the U.K. who also needed to be able to access it. In addition, Tonic was looking at ways to improve communication with its clients, specifically reminding them of upcoming appointments.

The Challenge

The company had developed a database using a developer who was no longer available to support the system. It wanted to maintain the existing Access front-end that had been developed over the years which users were familiar with.

The Solution

We set up a Microsoft SQL Server on the Microsfot Azure cloud service and migrated all existing data across from the Access database. Changes were made to optimise the performance of the system when running from the cloud. For users that did not need the full functionality of the database we developed a simple front-end that gave them access to just key screens and fields. To improve patient communication we added two-way SMS functionality.


The client is able to use its existing and familiar Access database from any location, including the new overseas office. SMS integration helps patients avoid missing appointments and enables appointment schedules to be optimised.

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