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Microsoft Access Runtimes

What is the Microsoft Access Runtime?

The Microsoft Access Runtime is a version of Access that allows you to distribute Microsoft Access database to uses that do not have the full version of Microsoft Access installed on their computer.

It is essentially a full version of Microsoft Access without the design tools that let you build new databases. You can use it run an Access database that has been developed on the full version of Access.

How much is the Microsoft Access Runtime?

The Microsoft Access Runtime can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft website.

Therefore you can distribute your Access database to as many users as required without needing to purchase additional licences. At The Access Man, we can help you formulate a range of bespoke Access solutions that help your business work with Access and Office applications effectively, or we can help with supporting and fixing any issues you may have with existing systems. A lot of our work can also help your business use Microsoft Access effectively from home or remotely, using Apps for workers on the move. If you are looking for a DIY fix we detail where you can download the Access runtime versions below.

Where to get the Microsoft Access Runtime

The free Microsoft Access Runtime enables you to distribute Access  applications to users who do not have the full version of Access  installed on their computers.

You can find the various version here:

Office 365 / Access 2019 Runtime

Access 2016 Runtime

Access 2013 runtime

Access 2010 Runtime

Access 2007 runtime

Or contact us for more information.

Do not install the Access Runtime on a computer that already has the full version of Access installed as this will cause problems.

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