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Quickly cloud enable your Access database

If you have an existing Access database and need to share the system with remote workers or users in different locations, one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to do this is to combine it with the Microsoft Azure cloud database service.

The Microsoft Azure cloud database service gives you an instant high performance database in the cloud which is scalable and offers backup and resilience features that would be unobtainable for most small businesses.

By moving your data to the cloud and then pointing your existing Access application to it, users keep all the screens, queries and reports that they are familiar with and you maximise the return on your existing investment in Access development. There is no need to re-development the application or upgrade to the latest version of Access.

Remote users need a machine running Access or the Access runtime and connect to the data over the Internet.

For more info on Azure click here.

Problems we have solved in the last few months for clients by moving to  an Access/Azure platform:

  • Enabling remote home-workers to work on the same database at the same time
  • Allowing users across Europe to submit information to a central reporting database
  • Eliminating the need for our client to purchase and install a local server as their business grew

In each case we were working with an existing Access database and were enable to cloud enable it with minimal changes being made and at a much lower cost than re-developing it on another platform.

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"Really pleased with the database, it has already made life easier, and the benefits will continue, I am sure"

Lisa Campbell
London Investor Shows